Banisters, handrails, and fences for staircases, pools, terraces, and more!

Davibois has made a name for itself with its modular staircases, but the company has always been attentive to the needs of its customers and to the evolution of styles, providing complementary products that are increasingly in demand. This is true of our railings and fences designed for staircases, pools, terraces, and other specific projects.

  • Installations for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Contemporary design unique to Davibois, blending structural strength and aesthetics
  • Quality materials offering versatility of use, adaptable to each project
  • Wide variety of models of rails, newels, spindles, and tempered glass
  • Solid, user-safe railings and barriers
  • Quality components in stainless steel, grades 304 and 316, weather-resistant and guaranteed for 25 years
  • Safety fences and railings for pools and terraces
  • Balustrades for residential and commercial buildings

A few tips on railings, handrails, and fences

Railings are an extension of a set of stairs and are a strategic component in the creation of this architectural element. More than simply a safety addition, they may be a highlighted or more discreet feature.

The handrail on a staircase must meet two essential criteria. First is the safety of the staircase; the handrail exists to lower the risk of falling down the stairs. It helps users keep their balance as they go up or down, and acts as a support if the user happens to stumble. Second, handrails add distinctiveness to a staircase; they are a decorative element that can give an indoor or outdoor staircase a personality.

Pool fences are designed primarily to secure access to the pool. You can now choose options with an attractive design without compromising safety. Discover the many options that Davibois has to offer!