Complete staircase design and manufacturing service

Davibois offers a complete staircase design and manufacturing service. We can produce a customized project according to your specific needs, whatever the style, traditional or contemporary, wood or metal. Check out the details of our design and manufacturing services for staircases and related projects.

  • High-quality construction with quality products
  • Modular staircases completely manufactured in our factory, in detachable parts for simple installation
  • Variety of models adapted to your taste and needs
  • Professional designers trained to build safe staircases according to code and in your selected style
  • Engineering reports that indicate the strength of our central beam systems and our structural tempered-glass railing systems
  • High-performance painting room, and a variety of finishing options
  • Hallmark Davibois basic design colours for a contemporary look
  • Colour-development service available for a perfect match with your floor

More about our staircase design and manufacturing services

For further information on everything we offer, including the characteristics of our finishes and materials, read the following descriptions of Davibois’s products and services.

Davibois also has a high-performance painting room to apply the various possible finishes.

  • Superior-grade solid and exotic woods
  • • Stainless and quality steel components with precision work and welding in the factory for a clean finish, without burrs, to the exact measurements required for your project

In the context of its staircase design and manufacturing services, Davibois offers superior-grade solid and exotic woods.

Red oak
Yellow birch
White oak
Other exotic woods

Davibois is an environmentally conscious firm, using water-based industrial finishing staining products and polyurethane varnishes on its wood. Several basic colours have been developed, and from our selection of products, using new computerized colour-pairing technology, our colour expert can perfectly match your floor colour.

Our staircase design and manufacturing service offers different types of stains, varnishes, and lacquers to meet your needs.

  • Superior-quality polyurethane products—highly resistant to traffic
  • For residential or commercial use
  • High-gloss finishes, according to your preference and floor finish

To respect the environment, Davibois uses ecological products, i.e., plant-based oils and waxes (safflower, tung, linseed oils, etc.). Colours can be natural or with a stain added. The main features of our finishing products include:p>

  • Penetration of the wood, giving a high-quality finish
  • Easy maintenance; resistance to stains and to wear and tear
  • Creation of a wood patina that embellishes with time
  • Ecological products, giving wood a natural finish
  • Ecological products, giving wood a natural finish