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1 500, rue Maurice-Bachand
Windsor (Québec) J1S 0J1

819 845-5950

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  • David Charette President | 819 845-5950 ext. 100
  • Joanie Massé Assistant | 819 845-5950 ext. 104


A brief history

Davibois began its operations in the year 2000, in a small workshop in Bromptonville. The adventure began with subcontracting in the furniture industry, making made-to-measure wooden components in small quantities. The quality of the work and its management skills were such that the company grew quickly.

The year 2004 was a decisive turning point. It became clear that the production facility was too small and the factory had to be relocated.

A new era for Davibois began in 2005. President David Charette invested in a new building in Windsor's industrial park and set up specific areas for wood preparation, cutting, gluing, processing, and storage. He also installed a ventilation system meeting CSST standards.

In 2010, the company acquired sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and optimized its production management methods. It improved its production chain with an automatic feeder system, an edger with an automatic saw positioning system to optimize cuts, an automated power saw, and conveyors. This new equipment made it possible to manufacture the laminated panels on which it has built its reputation.

New product

Since 2011, Davibois has developed a new way to design and manufacture made-to-measure staircases, and acquired staircase computer software and an ultra-modern paint room, enabling it to offer an impeccable, finished product.

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