Custom-made stairs

Davibois offers a series of staircase options to please those who want the best of aesthetic design, durability, and usefulness. The range includes everything from concrete treads, storage drawers, LED lighting, non-slip surfaces…to photoluminescence. And don’t hesitate to share any original and ingenious ideas! We like challenges, and have the ability to meet them efficiently, productively, and impeccably. Consider all the staircase options presented below.

Staircase options

Concrete treads

What can be said about concrete, other than that it has a unique look, is more solid than wood, and is easy to maintain? The sealant applied to protect our concrete staircases is a good example. The quality sealant we use to protect them makes this is a prudent choice from among our staircase options.

Storage drawers

Davibois has brilliant solutions to optimize your storage space with the incorporation of drawers directly into the staircase. This is, in fact, one of the stairway options that helped Davibois make its name. Not a square metre of lost space with our functional and well-planned under-stair storage!

LED lighting

The simple, versatile design of this system features standardized plug-and-play technology, which makes it easy to include LEDs under the tread nosing. The installation components are hidden, and the LEDs can last up to 50 000 hours. This stair option blends charm and safety from a practical perspective.

Anti-skid strips

We use a non-slip material, made of silicon carbide, directly incorporated into each tread rather than glued to it. This durable product is unique to Davibois, making your stairs safe for users.


Are you looking for distinctive and practical stairway options? Photoluminescent strips are inserted into the step nosing. The pigments in these bands are recharged by ambient light and emit a visible glow for more than 90 minutes. They comply with APTA standards and fire, smoke, and toxicity codes.